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Time Revolution The First Essence 5X
<img class="mobileonly" src="> <div class="purple-w"> <span style="color: #940c34;" class="purple-t-s">Hidden deep within the harshest environments <br>Extreme Desert Cica Yeast Ferment 97%</span><br><br> Carefully sourced cica proven miraculously demonstrates longevity surviving in the most extreme environments. Fermented cica ingredients replenish the skin's moisture barrier while maintaining optimal hydration and balance.</div> <br> <img class="pconly" src="> <img class="mobileonly" src="> <br> <div class="purple-w"><span class="purple-t-sub">1) In arid and dry conditions, improves: <span style="font-size: 15px; font-weight: 400;">Skin tone / Clarity / Moisture / Texture</span><br> 2) For harsh temperature volatility, provides: <span style="font-size: 15px; font-weight: 400;">Nutrient-rich soothing elasticity / Fortifying dermal barrier</span><br> 3) Reduces skin damage (UVA/UVB): <span style="font-size: 15px; font-weight: 400;">Hyperpigmentation improvement</span> </span></div> <br> <div class="purple-w"> <span style="color: #940c34;" class="purple-t-s">Special Fermentation Processed 3 Times</span><br><br> <span class="purple-t-sub">"Missha's Patent Absorption Science"<br> EXTREME FERMENT α™ Method </span> <br> It is a Missha's unique technology that stably delivers active ingredients to the skin with excellent skin affinity by combining Missha's unique extreme fermentation method with a special delivery technology that enhances tighter absorption.</div> <br> <img class="pconly" src="> <img class="mobileonly" src="> <div class="purple-w">1) Proprietary procedure to activate special yeast to produce "extreme" ingredients<br> 2) High-tech activation within optimal 30 degrees temp to activate fermentation <br> 3) Distilled fermentation utilizing cold, low-temp vacuum extraction <br> 4) Compression filtration triple-refined for quality purity</div> <br><br> <span style="color: #940c34;" class="purple-t-s">Special DELIVERY TECHNOLOGY</span><br><br> <span class="purple-t-sub">MISSHA's unqiue absorption technology boosts skin quality and absorption <br> Forms of phospholipids which are similar to the skin structure </span> <br> <img class="pconly" src="> <img class="mobileonly" src="> </div> <!----end missha-extra tag---->" data-bread-crumbs="MISSHA BEST SELLERS;NEW: JUST ARRIVED;SHOP;SHOP: ANTI-AGING;SHOP: BRIGHTENING;SHOP: BY CONCERN;SHOP: DRY SKIN;SHOP: SKINCARE;SHOP: TONERS;SKIN CARE;SKIN CARE: Brightening Care;SKIN CARE: BY LINE;SKIN CARE: CLEANSERS & TONERS;SKIN CARE: DUSTLESS;SKIN CARE: Essences;SKIN CARE: ESSENCES & SERUMS;SKIN CARE: The First Treatment;SKIN CARE: Time Revolution;SKIN CARE: Toners;SKIN CARE: Wrinkle Care;Skin Concerns_Brightening & Dark Spots;Skin Concerns_Dryness;Skin Concerns_Fine Lines & Wrinkles;Skin Type_All;Skin Type_Combination/Oily;Skin Type_Dry;Skin Type_Normal;Skin Type_Sensitive;SPECIAL;SPECIAL: SALE;The First Essence 5X;YGroup_FirstEssence;">
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